Restorative Dentistry

 Chino Hills 

Welcome to our premier restorative dentistry practice in Chino Hills, CA, where Dr. Park is committed to restoring and preserving your oral health.

With a focus on precision and patient well-being, our skilled team employs advanced techniques to address a range of dental concerns.

In our Chino Hills office, Dr. Park offer a comprehensive array of restorative services, including dental implants, crowns, bridges, and Tooth extractions.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment plans, they strive to achieve optimal function and aesthetics for each patient.

Whether you’re dealing with missing teeth, decay, or other oral health issues, our experienced team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and lasting solutions.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Park to experience the transformative impact of restorative dentistry, restoring your smile and confidence in Chino Hills, CA.

Restorative Procedures: 

Before and after photo of a broken tooth fixed with a composite restoration

Questions &Anwsers: 

Q.  Do you have tooth sensitivity when consuming hot or cold drinks? 

A.  You need to make a dental appointment with a dentist and receive a dental examination.  

Composite Restoration

The tooth decays and cavities are the most common dental diseases affecting the longevity of teeth. 

Before and after photo tooth decay fixed with a composite restoration

Although prevention is the most effective treatment, restoration is the next best choice for treating dental cavities and decays. 

The tooth restoration is directly related to the size of the tooth damage and the depth of decays.  The initial decays and small cavities can be treated with tooth color white composite restorations. 

In the case of decay and damage being more than 50% of the tooth structure, the dentist recommends crown restorations. 

Currently, advancements in dental technology have created new permanent restoration techniques, such as all porcelain, all Zirconia, E-Max, Procera, and Lava crowns. 

Each treatment option has unique characteristics catering to a patients’ teeth condition. 

Certainly, we would like to serve the best treatment options for the patient’s interests. We believe that conservative dental treatments are the most beneficial for patients.

“My job is to help my patients keep all their beautiful and healthy teeth for a lifetime” Dr. Park.