Periodontal Antibacterial Medications

Periodontal Anti-Bacterial Irrigation Solution is an adjunct medication used immediately after a deep teeth cleaning.

This irrigation medication is directly placed inside the gingival pockets to kill the bacteria that can re-infection the gum.

The soft-ended side of the irrigation syringe delivers an adequate amount of medication that naturally flows around the root surfaces and soft tissues to kill bacteria..

healthy gums

Peridex 0.12% Chlorohexidine mouth rinse

Used twice a day, for 3 Days

Peridex is indicated for use between dental visits as part of a professional program for the treatment of gingivitis as characterized by redness and swelling of the gingiva, including gingival bleeding upon probing.

gums and teeth

Peridex therapy should be initiated directly following a dental prophylaxis.

Recommended use is twice daily oral rinsing for 30 seconds, morning and evening after toothbrushing. Usual dosage is 15ml (marked in cap) of undiluted Peridex.

Patients should be instructed to not rinse with water or other mouthwashes, brush teeth or eat immediately after using Peridex.

Peridex is not intended for ingestion and should be expectorated after rinsing. It is a short term medication for only 3 days.

Arestin/Minocycline Microspheres

Periodontal disease is a serious irreversible infection of the surrounding structures of the tooth.

Diagram of using Arestin killing bacteria around a tooth

ARESTIN® (minocycline hydrochloride) is an antibiotic that kills the bacteria that causes the infection.

  • It’s placed directly in the infected areas or “pockets” in your gums.
  • It’s applied right after scaling and root planing, the dental procedure that disrupts stubborn plaque and bacteria below your gum line, where brushing and flossing can’t reach.

ARESTIN® starts working quickly, right at the source of infection, and keeps fighting bacteria long after you leave the dental office. 1,2

ARESTIN® fights infection and inflammation for 30 days,2 and provides significantly better results than scaling and root planing alone for up to 90 days.3

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