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Review by Amanda DeGunia-

Dr. Park and his team are absolutely incredible! I had never been to a dental office there the office team, dental team, and dentist were so welcoming, professional, and nice. They make you feel super comfortable during the visit. Everything runs smoothly and organized and there is never an extensive wait time. In fact, every time I have had an appointment, I am taken back almost immediately. The front desk staff is so friendly and explain insurance policies clearly so that there are no surprises with cost. The dental assistants help to make sure you are comfortable and at ease. Going to the dentist has always been anxiety-inducing for me but I no longer have those same fears since coming to this office. I have never had one issue after a procedure. I definitely recommend this dental office to anyone that is looking for a great new dentist! They are fantastic!

 Review by Ricardo Uribe-

If you are looking for an excellent, professional and efficient dentist than Peyton Dental is your office. I left my first visit extremely content with the service provided , knowledge in the dentistry field both by Dr. Park & staff, their technology, and the efficiency of their work. I highly recommend Dr. Park and feel like I have found my new dentist for many years to come. I would give it 10/10 stars if I could.

Review by Marina M-

I have been coming to Peyton Dental for years! Dr. Park and his team are excellent. Very professional, diligent, and courteous, always providing a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

 Review by Kevin Wu-

Really nice dentist. After the treatment my teeth looks perfect right now

Review by K-

The facility is nice, clean, and organized. Lady the Front Office staffer is also is professional and even works on the floor if needed….I love the family like environment. When you arrive if Dr. Park is in his office he always greets you. He knows how to get the jitters out by playing up to date music (i.e. Coldplay, Classical music, or even Top 40). The doctor genuinely wants you and your teeth to be healthy as possible. He really showed understanding to me as a lactating mom by not subscribing medication that could affect my baby. He shared natural remedies to assist in healing my problem. I can’t say enough about my positive experience with Dr. Park and his staff. Great dentist in the Chino/Chino Hills area!!!!

Review by Sheetal Patel-

Very warm welcome. Doctor and nurses are so patience and polite. Office and Dental room was clean.

Review by Nicole Arroyo-

I have been going here for years and they always make it a comfortable experience! They have a great scheduling system, always open to talk about any concerns you have, and do a great job on taking care of you. Dr. Park is the best dentist you can ever have!

Review by Levi F-

Peyton Dental and Dr. Park have changed my fear of going to the dentist into an experience I’m looking forward to whenever I have an appointment coming up. I started coming here about a year ago, my previous dentist advised me that I needed to get my tooth pulled with no other option. I went to Peyton dental for a second opinion and Dr. Park wanted to save my tooth at all cost. After a scheduled appointment my tooth was saved! It is very clear that Dr. park along with his staff care about their clients and have your best intentions in mind. I’ve always had pain and irritation when my previous dentists would perform work on my teeth however With Dr. Park I don’t feel a thing! I cant express enough how great Peyton Dental is, and how it exceeds all my expectations.

Review by Jill W.-

Dr. Park and his whole team were very kind and patient with my mom’s involved dental work that needed immediate attention recently. She is in mid stage Alzheimer’s Disease and they all were very good at putting us both at ease before, during and after her procedures. The office was very clean, calming and professional, making an appointment was simple and we didn’t have to wait. We also received immediate answers to questions – even during off hours. I highly recommend this business.

Review by Vanessa P.-

I’ve been coming here for a few years now and their appointment system is amazing, and they always make sure to follow up with reminders. The office staff is polite and professional, they always have everything prepared before i even get to my appointments so i just have to show up. Dr. Park is so funny, personable, and professional. He makes me feel comfortable and he has a loyal customer for life. The team at Peyton Dental is truly a gem.

Review by Luis E.-

I been attending “Peyton Dental” for over 2 years now and Dr. Park and his staff are true professionals. They treat patients with respect and kindness, not just another client. They have scheduled last minute appoints for me within the same day and they always explain the procedures and ensure you are aware of any costs so it’s never a surprise at the end of your visit. Peyton Dental do such a good job I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a great dentist’s office in the Chino Hills area.

Review by Kevin W.-

Peyton Dental absolutely deserves all the 5 star reviews. Dr. Park and everyone do a great job at making you feel comfortable and explaining all the different options. The experience is amazing. I went in super scared to get my wisdom teeth removed, and came out in less than 20 minutes after a pain-free and gentle procedure. Would definitely use Peyton Dental for all my dental needs!

Review by Daisy L. —

I highly recommend this dentist in the Chino Hills area. Dr Park and his quite capable team have taken care of our family dental care for over ten years now. He provided me excellent orthodontic care a few years back and results are wonderful. We have referred many family members and friends who trust in his care and return yearly as well. Dr Park has accommodated with last minute and same day appointments when needed. Strong moral and business ethics are practiced at this office.

Review by Janette F. —

I have been going to Peyton Dental for about 5 years now and it is always so pleasant to go there. Dr. Park is very personable and does such a great job in caring for my teeth. He recommends what is needed but I never feel the pressure or pushed to have to do the treatments. It is also a very kid friendly environment. At times, it would be difficult for me to find a sitter for then 3 years old son at times and Dr. Park would find different ways to help my son feel at ease while I get my dental work done. I feel that he cares for people in general and very kind. The ladies that work there are also very friendly. I would definitely recommend Peyton Dental. Definitely 5+ stars ⭐️

Review by Gabriel R. —

Dr. Park is absolutely wonderful and compassionate! He made time during his vacation just to see me. I have never seen any professional do that for a patient. He helped me, referred me to a specialist, and treated me with care during a dental crisis I experienced. I recommend him with 100% confidence and I am blessed to have found him through a simple google search. Thanks Dr. Park, you are appreciated!

Review by George G. —

Wow! This is the place to get your dental work done. The staff is amazing. I love that they take care of you and they know what they are doing.

Dr. Park is by far one of the best at making sure what’s the best for you. He is very nice and friendly. I highly recommend this office if you are looking for professional staff and a super clean environment.

I had a situation one morning when I woke up for work with a major toothache. It was also extremely swollen. I called Dr. Park and explained to him the situation. He asked me to come in right away so he can further assess the tooth. The swelling turned out to be a growing abscess, due to a hairline fracture on my tooth from an injury that occurred 2 weeks prior that went unnoticed. Dr. Park took care of it immediately. The swelling went down, the pain was relieved and I was able to go to work that morning.

Thank You Dr. Park!

Review by Beatrice A. —

My favorite dentist!! Dr. Park takes care of me and my mom like we’re family. offering us reasonable cash rates. I love his attention to detail and 2 yr guarantee. He and his staff are awesome! My mom is diabetic and often needs more specialized attention, so Dr. Park has made arrangements with fellow colleagues to get her the care she needs. A few weeks ago, I needed emergency treatment and of course, he fit me in between appointments. Thank you sOOO much. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I know quality, and I am willing to drive to Chino Hills from Los Angeles for the best dental care around. It’s worth it. Gracias!!

Review by Jesse P. —

I have been seeing Dr. Park for over 5 years and I must say that each time i’ve gone, my experiences have been quite pleasant. Dr. Park exhibits to be a true professional with his exceptional skills as a dentist. Not only that, he is thorough, considerate, and sensitive to the needs of his patients in the comfort of their experience from beginning to end. It is very refreshing whenever I come across a person who displays a polite, thoughtful, well mannered attitude toward others and I am glad to have found that in Dr. Park. Moreover, the staff is wonderful… Kish

Review by Michelle S. —

I’ve been going to Dr. Park for the past 10 years for the usual preventive care and occasional fillings. He and his staff are always professional and friendly. He is very honest and trustworthy. I’ve never had a problem with the work he’s done on my teeth. He never tries to sell me more than is needed (i.e. whitening, braces, etc).

Review by Damien K. —

I was always very nervous going to the dentist and I was afraid of putting on braces. I was always miserable after a visit to other dentists and I thought this would be no different but with Dr. Park and Peyton Dental I can confidently say I like trips to the dentists now. The receptionist is very nice and greets you kindly every time you walk in and Dr. Park also greets you as a friend. Dr. Park also treats his assistants kindly and he works well with all of his assistants. I would say everyone is very nice there and the equipment and rooms are always clean. They also send out reminder texts for your appointment and it helps because I myself am forgetful and it comes in clutch. I have had my braces on for 10 months now and I can see the results as my teeth went from totally messed up to straight and cleaner than before. My wife and family are amazed at how quickly my teeth got straightened and it’s all thanks to Dr. Park and the rest of the staff at Peyton Dental!

Review by Shamilla K. —

My family and I have been coming to Dr. Park for over six years and we have been satisfied!

Currently Dr. Park just finished treating my son who had an overbite; the results are outstanding. In addition, he performed a surgery to my 15 – year – old son’s gums seem to be growing down over his top teeth and bottom teeth. Dr. Park explained the procedure how he would perform and helped my son feel comfortable. We went back to Peyton Dental to get the stitch removed and the results are PHENOMENAL, my son he cannot stop checking out his smile on the mirror!!

My family and I we are beyond happy that we found Dr. Park. He is patient, kind and above all a great dentist. I would not hesitate to recommend him to everyone. His office staff are friendly and makes the clients feel at home. Dr. Park is punctual, accommodating with scheduling and staff are always enthusiastic. Peyton Dental is High Tech and Modern. That’s the way to go Dr. Park!!

Review by Angela H. —

Dr. Park is knowledgeable and has integrity. My family has been in his care since the beginning of his practice. Even though we moved out of the area it is worth the drive for a dentist you can trust. My son recently had a dental emergency and Dr. Park came in on a Sunday morning to care for him. We are very thankful for Dr. Park!

Review by Patricia — 11/10/201

I used to have such bad anxiety when it would come to having any kind of dental work done. But here at Peyton Dental & Specialties with Dr. Park, I feel great about coming in. He has worked on both my dental and my ortho. I feel like he is an exceptional and wonderful dentist/orthodontist and I refer everyone I know to come here and be seen!

I’ve never enjoyed going to have my teeth looked at and worked on as much as I do now! ^__^

Dr. Park and his staff are great and keep you feeling great the whole time you are there. You won’t find a better place to go, whether you are an adult or a kid! <span class=”pb