Dental Insurance Information

Dr. James M. Park and his office manager will provide the effective dental treatment plans that a  patient can receive and the most benefits from his/her dental insurance coverage.    Always,  patients have different options to choose his/her treatment plans outside of his/her dental insurance coverage such as cosmetic and upgrades.

Young woman with bracesPlease call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your initial visit.

Carmen/Office Manager:  Peyton Dental & Elegant Orthodontics Phone Number 909-464-2682

Please bring your insurance card and information with you to the consultation so that we can expedite your dental insurance reimbursement and co-pays.

Which Dental Plan and Insurance Company is the Best?

Patients must know his/her dental insurance plan details before signing the contract. Within same dental insurance company, each individual dental plan has different dental benefits such as orthodontic age limitation, dental implant, delay on coverage, limited coverage and frequency of major treatments. If you have a difficult time choosing a correct dental plan for your family,  my office manager, Carmen, can give you good advise before you sign a contract.

In-Network Contracted Dental Insurance Companies

Insurance Name Telephone # Provider #
Access Dental (PPO) 888-849-8840  
Aetna Dental (PPO) 800-451-7715  
Aflac (PPO) 800-323-5391  
Amerita Dental 800-847-5553  
Blue Cross Dental (Anthem) (PPO) 800-627-0004  
Blue Shield (PPO) 888-679-8928  
CCPOA (PPO) 916-372-6676  
Cigna Dental (PPO) 800-244-6224  
Delta Dental (all states) (PPO) 888-335-8227  
First Dental Health (PPO 800-334-7244  
Golden West (PPO) 800-995-4124  
Guardian (PPO) 800-890-4774  
Humana Dental (PPO) 800-233-4013  
Metlife (PPO) 877-638-3379   
Operating Engineer (PPO) 626-356-1004   
Pacific Care (PPO) 800-622-6389   
Pacific Union Dental (PPO) 800-999-3367   
Premier Access 800-640-4466  
Principal Dental (PPO) 800-832-6388   
Safeguard Dental (PPO) 800-880-1800   
Smile Saver (PPO) 800-677-9229   
Southwest Admin (PPO) 626-284-4792   
United Health Care (PPO) 888-339-2709   
United Healthcare (Fortis) (PPO) 800-442-7742   
United Healthcare (Fortis) (PPO)  800-777-0157   
UCCI Concordia (PPO)  800-937-6432   
UCCI Concordia (PPO)  800-332-0366   
For more information about Dental Insurance or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Park,
call our office in Chino Hills, CA at Peyton Dental & Elegant Orthodontics Phone Number 909-464-2682.