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Teeth Cleaning

Periodontal Treatment

Anti-Bacterial Irrigation(Sodium Hypochlorite)

Question:     Do you want to maintain the healthy gum?

Answer: The periodontal treatments must eradicate all bacterial infections by scaling(remove all tartar) and root planing(smooth root surfaces) along with the specially formulated Sodium Hypochlorite anti-bacterial irrigation inside the deeper than 3mm gingival(gum) pockets.  Redness, Swollen, Bad Taste & Smell, and Bleeding on brushing are the major symptoms for the teeth cleaning by the dentist and dental hygienist regularly.

 Example of 25 years old and 92 years old patient. 


Teeth Color Cosmetic Restoration

aka Composite Restoration.

Composite restoration is the most effective dental treatment for the teeth with a small to modest cavity and damage.

It is a very conservative and proactive dental treatment to save the teeth for a long time.  The size of the cavity and damage is matters for this composite restoration.   The knowledgeable dentist can match the shade of composite restoration to the patient’s natural teeth shades easily. 

Tooth before and after dental filling 

All Porcelain Cosmetic Crowns

There are five different aesthetic crown restoration available,  please consult with Dr. Park, Dr. Sunwoo or Dr. Sandhu

Orthodontic Treatment/Straightening the teeth

Have you ever think about straightening your teeth?   

It is all about the BEAUTY and CONFIDENCE !

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