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Tooth fillings are the final tooth restoration procedure with several different kinds of dental materials. The most important part of tooth fillings is the decay removal from a damaged and decayed tooth. There are two different tooth fillings, amalgam/silver filling and white composite filling.

Amalgam/silver fillings are durable for stress bearing area such as the molars.   White/composite fillings are more appropriate for aesthetic area such as the  front teeth.

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Advantage of Silver Fillings

Amalgam/silver fillings are made of at least 50% metal, so it is durable and strong.  It has good physical properties that are more friendly to teeth.

Disadvantages of Silver Fillings

The most critical disadvantage of amalgam/silver fillings is mercury issue. Silver fillings contain approximately 50% mercury. They can corrode, leak and cause stains on your teeth and gums.
Fortunately, silver fillings can safely be replaced with Tooth-Colored Restorations.

White Filling/Composite Tooth-Colored Restoration

White fillings are the new revolution in Dentistry.  The Dentist can repair the damaged and broken teeth to the original shapes and colors without any trace.  White fillings/composites are made of resin polymers and stone powders.  It bonds to the teeth surfaces and create a tightly bonded structure to the natural teeth.   The dental composite restoration is simply a magic!

Tooth with decayCommon Example of Recurrent Decay Underneath Composite Restoration

Tooth after dental fillingFinal Composite Restoration
After Decay Removal

Replacing Silver Fillings With A Tooth Colored Restoration

You can have your silver fillings replaced with tooth-colored onlay and inlay restorations.
This process requires two appointments.

Your First Appointment:

  1. The old filling is removed along with any additional decay.
  2. An impression is made of your teeth. A model of your teeth is made and sent to the lab.
  3. A temporary onlay is placed on the tooth.

At the Lab: A resin is carefully placed into the model of your teeth. It is then designed to look natural.

Your Second Appointment:

  1. The temporary onlay is removed.
  2. A conditioning gel is placed on your tooth to prepare it for the new onlay.
  3. Bonding cement is placed on the tooth and a high intensity light bonds the resin to the tooth.
  4. The tooth is then polished.

Your teeth are restored to a natural look and feel, they are stronger and the tooth is protected!